Conservative Manifesto: Controlling the Online Narrative

The Conservative 2017 election manifesto has a section devoted to strategic communication in the online space:

We will continue to push the internet companies to […] help smaller companies build their capabilities and to provide support for civil society organisations to promote alternative and counter-narratives

I never expected to see post-modern critical theory in a Tory party manifesto! Remember a narrative is not the truth. If the narrative says the tree fell down in the forest, it fell down. If the narrative says Iraq chemical weapons… etc.

What are the civil society organisation which will promote narratives? NGOs? PREVENT? It is clear changes will be made to the algorithms so approved narratives will artificially rank.

The ranking is already being manipulated by Soros, Zuckerberg and the rest of them so perhaps having it under government control is actually best? I’m unsure.

What I do know is the reason China doesn’t allow Facebook in its country is because it fears losing control of the narrative.

It reminds me of the English attempts to smash the American printing presses before the revolution.

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