Home Office Website Hates the UK

Open Your Eyes to Hate is a government-funded propaganda website in the PREVENT scheme to combat ‘right wing extremism’. By examining the choice of news stories (and exclusion thereof) it is possible to extract the messages being pushed.

Narratives Pushed

  • Antifa are Good.
  • Misogyny is a hate crime.
  • Pepe is dead.
  • Right Wingers are Paedos.
  • British Muslims foil Terror Plots.
  • No ingredients to a Sunday Roast are English.
  • St. George was Turkish.
  • St. George was an immigrant.
  • St. George protested against religious persecution.
  • Pubs are Italian.
  • Teabags are from New York; tea is from China.
  • The London Westminster terrorist was violent before he became a Muslim.

The question is to what purpose are these narrative being pushed? Is it target right-wing extremism? Or is it to undermine the nation state?

This website isn’t run by someone who hates the United Kingdom; it’s run by the United Kingdom itself.

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